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From "David Boreham" <>
Subject Re: Configure (Eve) server from properties file.
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 20:04:01 GMT

> 1. setup a directory configuration.
> 2. load test user's
> 3. configure my auth. code in recommended manner for server config.
> 4. run a set of tests as you say.
> 5. using a different directory configuration, return to step one and 
> repeat until I iterate through all the directory configurations I have 
> (the idea would be to expand this as user's report new and unusual ways 
> that their network admins have decided to configure their servers).

Quick question: could you expand on what exactly you mean
by 'a directory configuration' ? I'm guessing that you don't mean
different vendors' products (e.g. test with Active Directory first,
then with Novell eDirectory, and next with Apache Directory Server).
And you probably don't mean something like changing the 
list port on the server. 

Are you planning to test different
DIT shapes, different user schema, stuff like that ? 
(e.g. one site puts all users in one container, others 
divide them up between containers for functional
groups; one site uses 'uid' as a naming attribute while
another uses 'cn'). If this is what you mean by
'different configuration' then I believe you can probably
do everything you need to do via LDAP because
all you're doing is creating container entries in different
places and with different object classes.
You can add all the entries in the DIT, run your tests,
then delete the entire DIT, then iterate with a new one.

Did I get that right ?

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