Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
I use IntelliJ and am not familiar w/ Eclipse.  Eclipse can read maven
and project files?

Yes, thanks to Brett. Actually, with asn.1, what I'm doing is :
1) co the trunk
2) maven -Dmaven.eclipse.workspace=/<my workspace> -Dgoal=eclipse
3) 13 seconds after, I can import the generated projets into eclipse
(you better have the MultiProject Import plugin installed !!!), and
that's it !
4) With the mevenide plugin, you can launch goals, check project.xml and
maven.xml, ...

At least, it works for asn.1, and only asn.1 :(

For other projects, that's quite different. LDAP is almost OK, but it
need some fix to generate antlr BEFORE generating .projects files (it's
a kind of prerequiste : you need the java files)

Apache is much more complicated : run Maven multiproject, then
'mavenize' again (mavenize is a script I wrote that does the eclipse
generation). Antlr should run before, then the maven plugin to generate
schema, and then, you are ready !

It does not work for MINA, SEDANG and APSEDA, but I didn't investigate
the processus, as I don't need them actually.
Odd, I thought this was a standard multiproject setup.  I wonder what's wrong with it.