Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
Hi alan,

Le samedi 19 février 2005 à 12:38 -0500, Alan D. Cabrera a écrit :
I have merged all the ASN1 code into a unified multi-project maven setup 
in asn1/branches/ber-decoder. 

I'm just a little bit reluctant about the name : Ber-decoder. As it
includes a Der decoder, it would be better if named asn1-decoder or
something ASN1 related.
This is just a branch name.  My proposal is to replace the setup in the trunk w/ this setup.
I propose that we use this setup instead 
of the project heirarchy that we have in trunk.  All the code is neatly 
in the modules directory.  

Is this a "must" thing to put all the projects under a module
subdirectory? Does a separation between what is used to generate stubs
and what is used by other projects (I mean, codecs) make sense?
This is a mixture of old modules and new modules .  I imagine that once we're done, we would only have two modules compiler and runtime.
The maven site target now works correctly.  
Finally, this setup paves the way for the ASN1 refactoring that has been 
discussed on and off as of late.

hem, I was able to generate .project files for eclipse with the previous
Maven & project.xml in trunk, not anymore in ber-decoder branches. That
is not such a big deal, but it would be real cool if this feature still
work !
I use IntelliJ and am not familiar w/ Eclipse.  Eclipse can read maven and project files?