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Subject Re: [apacheds] NPE + CommunicationException Request: 1 cancelled
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:01:53 GMT
> >I'm experiencing some problems with Apache DS. The source code that 
> >is too complicated to post here, so I've made a test program that 
> >in the same behaviour. 
> >
> That's great wish everyone did that :).

No problem...

> This is excellent David.  I will start looking into the problem.  If you 

> don't mind it might be best if you create a JIRA issue.  That way we can 

> track everything as I test the server with this code.  Also you can 
> submit these java files as attachments on the issue.   However I think 
> JIRA might be down great :(.  Might be back up when you read this. 
> Heres the URL for the ApacheDS JIRA:

I've created an issue report, but apparently in the wrong project :( 
(DIR instead of DIREVE) 
I wanted to change that, but didn't find any way to do that... 
Maybe you're authorized to do this...

Thanks for the quick response!


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