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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [graduation] Our next step
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 04:07:25 GMT
On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 21:45:09 -0500, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Now that the vote has closed and we all demonstrated our desire to graduate
> the incubator to become The "Apache" Directory Project, a top level Apache
> project, we need to ask the ASF Board of Directors to make this a
> reality.  In
> the end, the foundation makes the final call through the Board.  The
> Board is
> given its power to manage and protect the interests of the ASF by the
> members
> of the foundation.  The request or proposal to become a TLP has
> traditionally
> been drafted and submited by the community.  We simply have to ask the Board
> to consider it on their next board meeting agenda.  The next board
> meeting this
> month is on the 23rd.
> Preparing the document is simple, however there are some points we must
> decide
> upon together as a community.  These include the set of individuals who
> will
> compose the PMC of this new top level project.  If there are any questions
> regarding what a PMC is and what it does please take a look here:
> Furthermore we must choose a PMC Chair to represent our community.  A
> chair has
> special responsibilities, distributed between obligations to the
> community and
> to the ASF Board of Directors.  However, note the final decision as to who
> will become the PMC Chair is really up to the discretion of the board.  Our
> choice is hence a recommendation and it is not final.
> Other than these details the rest of the resolution document is rather
> cookie
> cutter.  Once we decide who is to be in the PMC and who is to Chair our PMC,
> I can prepare the document and mail it to, asking that
> it be
> considered for the 23rd as part of the meeting agenda.
> Traditionally these discussions about who will be on a PMC are conducted on
> a private mailing list.  We have one of those: directory-ppmc@i.a.o.  I
> would post this
> mail to that list however I've found some people on it are old
> committers who are
> no longer participating on the PPMC.  More importantly I don't think
> this is very
> "open" and community oriented.   So I would like to make a request to our
> entire community for nominations.  Nominations both for the PMC and for a
> single person to act as the Chair of the PMC.  All are welcome to
> nominate and
> second, third et. cetera. the person or persons they feel should be on
> the PMC
> or be selected as our PMC Chair recommendation.  The one limitation is
> that the
> people nominated must at least be committers.  It's pretty hard to help
> manage a
> project if you are not a committer :).  However noncommitters can
> certainly nominate.
> If there are issues they will be resolved on the ppmc list.
> To try and organize this as best as possible please add your nominations
> under
> the following lists:
> Nominations for Members of the PMC
> ==================================
> [list names here]


> Nominations for PMC Chair Person Recommendation
> ===============================================
> [list names here]


> Thanks,
> Alex

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