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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [asn1] why use TLV objects at all?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:12:16 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:


>>IIUC, we already have a working version of ASN1 to get the ADS projects 
>>up and running. 
>not yet. I'm just focusing on the plumbing under LDAP messages, as it
>was quite intricate in the current code, and as said on the WS :
>"The internal 0.2 release was the first successful attempt to produce a
>replacement for Snacc4J ... However the library does have performance
>problems ... Furthermore the code base is very difficult to maintain
>needing some reorganization. We hope to refactor the library so it is
>more efficient, and easier to maintain while reducing the number of
>dependencies it has. In the process we would like to introduce some new
>features and improvements which are listed below ..."
>I so I tried to brought my 2 cents there.
Oh and you did.  Instead of refactoring we can do a full rewrite hehe.  
That's the new mindset I've gained from our interactions.

>> It is my goal to write a compiler that generates ASTs 
>>which are translated into PO*Os and their family of encoders/decoders.  
>>The ASTs allow us to target Java, C#, C++, etc.  The ASTs also allow us 
>>to target new encodings when and if then come.  ASTs, I realize that 
>>this is blue sky dreaming, allow for coding optimizations specific to 
>>the protocol and target language, maybe even OS. 
>Hem, I'm not so sure that AST could be helpfull to optimize anything, as
>there is a 1 to 1 relation between the ASN.1 grammar of a protocol and
>the ?ER to (en/de)code. I may be wrong...
>Whatever, compiler are GOOD ! And having a compiler to generate ASN.1
>codec is definitively a plus, especially if the underlaying coding is
Yeah guys our primary goals are obviously ApacheDS based.  Which 
includes BER and DER concerns for the protocols we support.  However 
that does not mean we cannot balance this to get a general Stub compiler 
project from this.  Plus you never know where life takes us.  We may 
want to build our own protocol and use it for something in ApacheDS 
and/or implement other ASN.1 based protocols ...

I think we're more than capable of collaborating together to get the pie 
in the sky dream incrementally while reaching our Directory centric 



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