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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [replication] Master slave replication will not suffice
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 17:58:11 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
>>> Alex Karasulu wrote:

>> When replication comes into the picture thats when things get 
>> complicated.  If  master slave rep. (MSR) is in effect then DNS 
>> services in ApacheDS replicas must update records at the master 
>> ApacheDS instance for say Dynamic DNS operations.   The whole point 
>> is: this defeats the value of having DNS and LDAP in the same process 
>> at least for record updates.  MMR ameliorates this (I hope) because 
>> the DNS service can now issue the update to the local JNDI store and 
>> not have to go over the wire.  Replication of the change can be 
>> asynchronous.  The operation would still be fast without the overhead 
>> of network latency as far as the client is concerned. 
> Ahh, the key is that the updates can be asynchronous; including 
> Kerberos threw me.  Can they really be asymchronous?  What if 
> conflicting changes are sent to two different servers?

I just don't know enough to confirm - just speculating.  Your guess is 
as good if not better than mine.


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