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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [asn1] why use TLV objects at all?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 04:33:47 GMT

I was just thinking about your position on object creation.  Namely the 
one that is against the creation of Tuple objects that represent TLVs.  
Your proposal to use pooling of these objects worries me a bit.  It just 
makes me think there would be a lot of synchronization overhead.  I may 
be wrong.

However I started thinking, "why create Tuples at all?" Follow my 
concepts here for a sec even though we have not been discussiong these 
constructs: TupleProducers and TupleConsumers.  A producer simply emits 
callbacks to a consumer and they are bound to each other.  What if the 
callbacks did not pass in a Tuple as an argument but the components T, L 
and V of the Tuple instead.  A stub, which is like the parser you 
mentioned, tracks and changes state as an automaton to populate its 
properties appropriately with the stream of Tuple events.  The stub can 
be a TupleConsumer - really a tuple event consumer rather.  This would 
eliminate object creation overheads and populate the stub.



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