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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [build] IDE project setup convo summarized from IRC
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2005 20:52:42 GMT
Emmanuel and others have been having trouble with maven generated 
project files for various IDEs: namely IDEA and Eclipse.  One particular 
problem has to do with projects that generate code.   Meaning when the 
multiproject generation of project modules is run the generated code is 

One way we might solve this is by making maven generate the code when we 
run the goal to generate the IDE specific project file.  I was going to 
add some pre/post goal to the maven.xml to generate antlr and schema 
code but it quickly occurred to me that the place where this code is 
generated will not be picked up by maven and included in the project 

IDEA or Eclipse must know what extra directories 
(${basedir}/target/antlr or ${basedir}/target/schema) need to be 
included as source directories.  Anyone have ideas on how this can be 
done with the respective plugin? 

Brett you had made a couple recommendations and I tried searching 
through Eyebrowse for them but I could not find anything - eyebrowse is 
blowing chunks. 


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