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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [jira] Resolved: (DIRLDAP-35) LdapName comparison must be case-insensitive for attibutType
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2005 16:11:46 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

>Sorry, vincent, but I think that it's no enough to compareToIgnoreCase
>on each RDN. We had a very intersting chat session 2 weeks ago with Alex
>and Alan, and as far as I remember, one *must* compare RDN attributes in
>a CIS way, BUT check for RDN values matching rules befare stating that
>two DNs are equals.  For instance :
>A=V1, b=V2 == a=V1, b=v2 if and only if :
>1) each RDN should be present in both DN
>2) each RDN should be at the same position in both DN
>3) each RDN attributes name should be CIS-equals
>4) each RDN Values shlould be equals using the matching rule of its RDN
>5) if a RDN has more than one attribute, all of thoses attributes and
>values should be equals with those on the other RDN, but the attributes
>order is of no importance.
>for instance :
>A=V1 		equals a=V1
>A=V1, B=V2 	equals a=V1, b=V2
>A=V1 + B=V2	equals b=V2 + a=V1
>but :
>A=V1 equals A=v1 only if A matching rule is case insensitive
You are totally right here Emmanuel.  RDN attribute identifiers must be 
matched without case sensitivity. 


>Le samedi 19 février 2005 à 19:32 +0100, Vincent Tence (JIRA) a écrit :
>>     [ ]
>>Vincent Tence resolved DIRLDAP-35:
>>      Assign To: Vincent Tence  (was: Alex Karasulu)
>>     Resolution: Fixed
>>    Fix Version: 0.8.1
>>This should be fixed now in the trunk thanks to your TestCase. Good work Emmanuel!
>>>LdapName comparison must be case-insensitive for attibutType
>>>         Key: DIRLDAP-35
>>>         URL:
>>>     Project: Directory LDAP
>>>        Type: Bug
>>>  Components: Common
>>>    Reporter: Emmanuel Lecharny
>>>    Assignee: Vincent Tence
>>>     Fix For: 0.8.1
>>>While comparing two DNs, the AttributeType of each RDN must be compared in a case-insensitive
way : RFC 2251, chap. 4.1.4, par.4.
>>>It could be tricky to perform a valid comparison :
>>>A=V1+B=V2,C=GB and A=V1+b=V2,C=GB are equals in regards with the RFC,
>>>A=V1+B=V2,C=GB and A=V1+C=V2,C=GB are differents in regards with the RFC.
>>>LdapName.compareTo function does not return a valid result :
>>>        Name n1 = new DnParser().parse("A=V");
>>>        Name n2 = new DnParser().parse("a=V");
>>>        int val = n1.compareTo(n2);  // val = 0xffffffe0 instead of 0

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