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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fixes in documentation
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 02:29:39 GMT
Marco Beelen wrote:

> Hi all,
> With in documentation of the 0.8-release I found two links, which 
> aren't correct.
> Attached xml-files should be stored:

Great thanks a bunch.

Marco I know i sound like a broken record but can you in the future 
attach the diffs to a JIRA.  Then I can reveiw and apply quickly.  This 
time I'll just overly and look at the diff myself.

> /xdocs/developers/backend.xml
> /xdocs/projects/index.xml
> I started looking in the documentation, because I wanted to do a 
> sanity check as Alex suggested on 13 Jan 2005.


> Although I could start LDAP-server add some object ( so far so good ), 
> I couldn't find any suggestion about how to stop the server.

Ctrl-C :D.  Yeah we should find a better way to shutdown.  There are 
shutdown hooks in the server to actually sync buffers to disk so don't 

> Please explain how to stop a running apache-directory-server and I'll 
> document in the user-guide.

Yeah right now this is the only way outside of programatically doing it 
via JNDI with the shutdown property.  Ya know this calls for an LDAP 
extended operation that can shut the server down.  The best thing would 
be for us to adopt a nice container and use that so users can go to an 
admin console on the server to shut it down.

> With kind regards,
>   Marco Beelen
> P.S.
> If these patches should be submitted diiferently for easier 
> processing: Please let me know!
Yeah that would be great actually.  Then we can come back to it any 
time.  Emails get forgotten while JIRA issues collect up and have to be 
reviewed before a release at a bare minimum :).  Thanks for understanding.

I will apply these changes now after looking at the diffs.



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