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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [graduation] Our next step
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 05:37:41 GMT
We've received what seems to be all the nominations we're going to get 
from the community at large.  Let's just tally up the nominations and 
leave the final decision making up to the Directory PPMC.   The final 
call is up to the PPMC which must determine how to interpret these 
nominations.  Once the PPMC decides on the constituency of the future 
PMC they will formally request its creation from the ASF board.

Alex Karasulu

Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Hi,
> Now that the vote has closed and we all demonstrated our desire to 
> graduate
> the incubator to become The "Apache" Directory Project, a top level 
> Apache
> project, we need to ask the ASF Board of Directors to make this a 
> reality.  In
> the end, the foundation makes the final call through the Board.  The 
> Board is
> given its power to manage and protect the interests of the ASF by the 
> members
> of the foundation.  The request or proposal to become a TLP has 
> traditionally
> been drafted and submited by the community.  We simply have to ask the 
> Board
> to consider it on their next board meeting agenda.  The next board 
> meeting this
> month is on the 23rd.
> Preparing the document is simple, however there are some points we 
> must decide
> upon together as a community.  These include the set of individuals 
> who will
> compose the PMC of this new top level project.  If there are any 
> questions
> regarding what a PMC is and what it does please take a look here:
> Furthermore we must choose a PMC Chair to represent our community.  A 
> chair has
> special responsibilities, distributed between obligations to the 
> community and
> to the ASF Board of Directors.  However, note the final decision as to 
> who
> will become the PMC Chair is really up to the discretion of the 
> board.  Our
> choice is hence a recommendation and it is not final.
> Other than these details the rest of the resolution document is rather 
> cookie
> cutter.  Once we decide who is to be in the PMC and who is to Chair 
> our PMC,
> I can prepare the document and mail it to, asking 
> that it be
> considered for the 23rd as part of the meeting agenda.
> Traditionally these discussions about who will be on a PMC are 
> conducted on
> a private mailing list.  We have one of those: directory-ppmc@i.a.o.  
> I would post this
> mail to that list however I've found some people on it are old 
> committers who are
> no longer participating on the PPMC.  More importantly I don't think 
> this is very
> "open" and community oriented.   So I would like to make a request to our
> entire community for nominations.  Nominations both for the PMC and for a
> single person to act as the Chair of the PMC.  All are welcome to 
> nominate and
> second, third et. cetera. the person or persons they feel should be on 
> the PMC
> or be selected as our PMC Chair recommendation.  The one limitation is 
> that the
> people nominated must at least be committers.  It's pretty hard to 
> help manage a
> project if you are not a committer :).  However noncommitters can 
> certainly nominate.
> If there are issues they will be resolved on the ppmc list.
> To try and organize this as best as possible please add your 
> nominations under
> the following lists:
> Nominations for Members of the PMC
> ==================================
> [list names here]
> Nominations for PMC Chair Person Recommendation
> ===============================================
> [list names here]
> Thanks,
> Alex

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