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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: [ldap] Xstream dep introduction common breaks build
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:55:30 GMT
Vincent Tence wrote:
> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Vince,
>> I figure you introduced XStream as a new dep. Cool! I like XStream 
>> from what little I've read about it.  It's that fast XML parser that 
>> builds beans for ya right?  Could you elaborate on why you introduced 
>> this dependency?  Also let's discuss the introduction of new 
>> dependencies together in general.  If there's something to be learned 
>> from the incubator it's to review these things together.  I know 
>> XStream does not conflict with our license but you should still 
>> announce this to the list.
> Sorry about this. XStream is one fo the options from generated the test 
> PDUs. 

In english, it reads:

XStream is one of the options for generating the test PDUs ;-)

> It's not the most useful option - it's easier to change the 
> PDUGenerator class directly for this purpose - so we can remove it np.
> Next time I add a dep, I'll make sure I let people know why and what it 
> is used for.
>> Regardless let's make sure introducing new deps do not break the 
>> build.  Here's what I got when I built just now:
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> File...... 
>> /home/akarasulu/.maven/cache/maven-multiproject-plugin-1.3.1/plugin.jelly
>> Element... maven:reactor
>> Line...... 217
>> Column.... 9
>> The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied 
>> dependency:
>> xstream-1.0.2.jar (try downloading from
>> Total time: 45 seconds
>> Finished at: Sat Feb 12 00:08:22 EST 2005
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> I know you probably double check to make sure things build after you 
>> make changes.  So I suspect you have the codehaus repo referenced 
>> somewhere in your user specific in your home 
>> directory.  The xstream dep was not getting resolved for me because I 
>> do not reference the codehaus repo in my in ~akarasulu.
> I'm not getting this, since xstream is on ibilio, it should be ok for 
> everybody. Do you have ibilio in your list of repos?
>> To make sure this does not happen again you might want to add the 
>> codehaus repo to the list of remote repos within the project.  Or just 
>> make sure the dependency is in the right place on or on 
>> ibiblio before introducing it.
>> I already pushed the jar to our incubator repo for now but we should 
>> make sure it gets out to ibiblio.  I'm sure Dan or Jason might already 
>> be on this one.  Might be worth giving them a ping anyhow.
>> Also I've heard a lot of good things about XStream.  Could you give us 
>> a rundown on it to raise awareness?  If it's as good as several people 
>> are saying then perhaps we should be thinking about using it more 
>> throughout the project.
> It's a very lightweight library for going from XML to Java and back 
> without the need for configuration (it uses reflection). It can be 
> smarter than that as well if you tell it to.
> - Vincent

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