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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Virtual Directory (or LDAP Proxy)
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 04:30:48 GMT
Adison Wongkar wrote:

>Hi Alex,
>>Well a combination of approaches can be used. You can wrap backends 
>>around disparate data sources to access them in a standard mannar.
>>I think you may need to do both but time will tell. With other LDAP 
>>servers you never had
>>a choice: a backend was the only option. With ApacheDS you 
>>have an added 
>>degree of
>>freedom that may allow you to do even more.
>We're thinking at least initially we would implement the virtual directory
>component as a backend. Ie. implementing the
>org.apache.ldap.server.BackingStore or
>org.apache.ldap.server.ContextPartition 's methods
>(add/delete/modify/search/lookup etc.). 
Hmmmm you could certainly do that but I recommend against this 
approach.  It's probably the easiest thing to do for you though.  
However we would like to parameterize the virtual directory 
specification as part of view management. 

>The virtual directory component:
>- has mapping configuration (in XML) 
>- has working join & cache db (in memory or persistent)
>- currently has adapters to databases and directories (we call these our
>data sources)
>- can map & combine attributes from the data sources
>Feel free to let me know what you think of this.
Is this related to the stuff yall are doing at

>NB: I also like the interceptor chain piece of the architecture. Perhaps we
>can do something like ACL rules mapping, instead of just DIT & attributes
Could you explain this?  I'm interested.  I suspect by ACL you are 
refering to Access Control Lists.  One thing we can definately use is an 
authorization mechanism in the server.  Please tell me more. 


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