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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DIR-103) Unifying projects and subprojects names
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 04:21:22 GMT

Enrique Rodriguez (JIRA) wrote:

>     [ ]
>Enrique Rodriguez commented on DIR-103:
>Regarding the protocols, I will combine the 3 components into a single protocol-[protocol].jar
artifact.  The main component was temporary for bootstraping and the protocol component was
also temporary since the networking front-end was in flux.  These can now get rolled into
core and renamed protocol.
+1 we're in the process of doing this so hot deployment and hot port 
changes are controlled in one place. 

>>Unifying projects and subprojects names
>>         Key: DIR-103
>>         URL:
>>     Project: Directory
>>        Type: Improvement
>>    Reporter: Emmanuel Lecharny
>>    Priority: Trivial
>>Directory project contains 9 projects, 33 sub-projects and 16 sub-sub-project. This
is quite complicated, but could be easier if a standard rule appliy to all those projects.
It's something we're working on but please feel free to lend a hand 
here.  We know its not the best it can be.

>>Projects are : apacheds, asn1, authx, ldap, naming, network, protocols (and to a certain
extent sandbox + sitedocs). Names are OK
>>Every sub-project level name is prefixed by its higher level project : ldap-clients,
authx-impl, etc. Some are not :
>> - maven-directory-plugin in APACHEDS project (the directory's name is also different
: plugin)
Yeah this might go into a top level for a directory wide plugin where we 
can pull together a few build oriented things into a Maven plugin.  Then 
the name can be whatever we want.  Does this make sense?

And also note that all Maven plugins have that convention of prefixing 
it with maven-. 

>> - stub-compiler in ASN1 project
Yep true ASN.1 should ultimately condense down into the runtime and the 
compiler components.  So at the end of the day we should be left with ...

 o asn1-runtime ...
 o asn1-compiler

>> - two authx projects are sub-sub-project : authx-api & authx-impl, are can be
find in a "core" subdirectory
>> - authx sandbox may belongs to the upper SANDBOW project ?

Yeah Vince chose to go this route.  I don't have a problem with that but 
really we should put sandbox stuff into a central place for consistancy. 

>> - apache-ldapber-provider in LDAP (could be ldap-ber-provider ?)

Definately better.  Who ever makes these changes happen should make sure 
they have gump down pretty well :).  I don't want to put this all on 
Brett's shoulders.

>> - apseda, mina & sedang are sub-project of the NETWORK project. (network-apseda,
network-mina, network-sedang ?)
This should follow the convention.  I was telling E-man today that 
when/if we exit the incubator we can pick different Maven groupIds for 
these components.  We do not need to go with one Id for everything.  And 
the incubator- is dropped.  This will fix lots of issues with 
dependencies in IDE plugins like the IDEA plugin.

>> - protocol's subproject are not prefixed with "protocol", but we can live without
(dns, dhcp and ntp are obvious protocols projects, but what about changepw? )
We should proto prefix +1

>>     - each of these protocol has prefixed sub-sub-project, but "main" : dns-core,
dns-protocol BUT dns (which directory's name is main).
Do you have some structure in mind? 


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