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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Let's test ApacheDS MINA port!
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 17:10:21 GMT
Trustin Lee wrote:

>I ported SEDA version of ApacheDS to MINA version in 'mina-port'
>branch and it runs without any exceptions for now.  But I was not able
>to test much because I lost the URL to LDAP client Alex told me before
>and test profile file. :(  It would be nice give me that URL and
>Anyway, the port was done very smoothly without any complex issues,
>and so I expect it will run without any additional issues.  I want to
>confirm it from as many users as possible.
>PS: You'll have to build apacheds (core and protocol), mina snapshot
>and copy their jars into your local maven repository because the
>remote repository is not yet up-to-date.
Great job Trustin! I'll try to bang against this but gimme a little time 
though I'm overloaded with some things right now.   Oh that client was 
Jxplorer and there's the ldap browser too.  There are links below for 
this so good luck:

Perhaps others can pitch in and lend a hand here until I can get back on 
my horse.  If we can have a few people testing it would be great.  BTW 
there will be some protocol issues I'm sure especially if Emmanuel 
decides to test :) - just file them with JIRA.  Try not to confuse those 
issues with actually MINA problems - I think MINA should be just find 
from seeing her perform on the other services we have.

This btw fixes Marcus' issue with the server not binding to all 
interfaces.  I think we should test the crud out of the server tidy it 
all this up, fix ASN1 perf issues and release 0.9 then keep adding 
features for 0.9.1 ... and so on. 

Thanks Trustin,

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