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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: [OT] [Trivia] How big is our code base?
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 15:30:40 GMT
Vincent Tence wrote:
>>> 2)  Move LDAP to MINA.  NTP, Kerberos, DNS, Changepw, and DHCP currently
>>> all uni-jar with MINA.  We of course want to have LDAP on MINA and 
>>> Trustin has this for February.
>> ++++1
> Could you elaborate a bit more on this for my own comprehension. Thanks.

You should be able to go into any one of the protocol directories and 
with a similar set of commands do something like:

bash-2.05b# cd
bash-2.05b# maven -o multiproject:install
bash-2.05b# cd main/
bash-2.05b# maven -o javaapp:jar
bash-2.05b# java -jar target/ntp-0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
Apache NTP listening on port 123

All of the protocols (NTP, Kerberos, DNS, Changepw, and DHCP) except 
LDAP will do this and they do it with MINA.  Since LDAP is now the 
anomaly, I was suggesting that it be a target for an update soon.  The 
main benefit being that if you grok one of the simple protocols, like 
NTP, you can move up to DNS, Changepw, or DHCP and on to Kerberos and 
LDAP.  Similarly, to the rest of my email, I have worked to keep the 
component and package layout the same.  I don't think it is yet stable, 
the convention, but when it is I will be sure to add a page to the website.

Note #1:  I could make javaapp:jar the default target in main but I 
don't since it adds a lot of time to build some of the larger protocols.

Note #2:  on Linux NTP is using port 123 by default so you might see a, in which case just 'service ntpd stop' prior 
to executing the jar.

>>> 3)  Consolidate ASN.1.  LDAP and Kerberos use different ASN.1 codebases,
>>> a result of their independent development.  We've discussed this and of
>>> course work has begun.
>> ++++1
> +1
> - Vincent

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