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From "Endi Sukma Dewata" <>
Subject Problem with mixed case in suffix
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 23:36:05 GMT


I'm Endi Dewata from Verge Archemedia Labs in Austin, TX. I'm working with
Adison Wongkar trying to hook up our Virtual Directory product with
ApacheDS. So far so good, but it seems that we just found a minor problem
with suffixes that contain capital letters (e.g. dc=VergeNet,dc=com). It's
not a blocking problem for us, but I just want to know if this is a known
issue or has been addressed before. Here's the description of the problem:



In line #630, JdbmDatabase is initialized with
un-normalized suffix.


            Database db = new JdbmDatabase( upSuffix, wkdir );


But in line #673, when adding an entry to the database,
the suffix is compared with the normalized dn of the new entry.


        if ( dn.equals( suffix ) )


This is causing the add operation to fail.



A similar problem also happens here. In line #203, the suffix
is being normalized during registration.


        backends.put( backend.getSuffix( true ).toString(), backend );


However, in line #556, the dn used to look up the backend is
not normalized.


                return ( ContextPartition ) backends.get(
clonedDn.toString() );


This is causing the search operation to fail.



Should I file a bug? Thank you very much.



Endi S. Dewata


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