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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [asn1] why use TLV objects at all?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:03:56 GMT
> >
> > You will not be able to get away from having at least a stack of Ls.
> I thought this before but I think there may be ways around this :).

You may not build a L stack, but you then accept the idea that you can't
anymore verify the correctness of Constructed TLVs.

> > POJOs are populated by applications and fed into the encoding specific 
> > stubs.  The decoder specific stubs produce fully populated POJOs.  The 
> > POJOs mimic the structure of the ASN1 description.
> >
> Ok this is different from SNACC4J where POJO is the stub.  Other 
> compilers do the same.  The POJO has machinery for populating itself.  
> This might not be the best approach in which case I like your's here 
> better.  Basically the stub is the high level decoder encoder.

+1 to Alan "lord of the Stubs" approach. 

One stub to rule them all (POJOs) ...

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