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From Brennan Stehling <>
Subject Re: What can I do?
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2005 16:38:29 GMT
> Testing on all these platforms is something that we would like to do.  Perhaps you could
for now look into using the server, evaluating it on these platforms.  If you can give us
feedback and bug reports that would be excellent.  Do you have any experience with LDAP/Kerberos/DNS/DHCP?

I use to manage iPlanet LDAP servers for a big corporation, including
setting up replication processes.  I also run DNS servers.  As for
DHCP, I once set it up to run off FreeBSD but that was a long time
ago.  It was not exactly rocket science though.  I have had limited
experience with Kerberos, but I have done a good deal with OpenSSL and
OpenSSH so the concepts are familiar.

> Sorry no.  It's not very feasible to write a stateful protocol server without the non-blocking
IO constructs (Selectors) in NIO.  Really without JDK 1.4 this project would not exit.  >

I understand about NIO.  My concern is that FreeBSD only had a Java
1.3.1 release as binary from the FreeBSD Foundation with 1.4 lagging a
bit.  And then there was this licencing issue from Sun that came up. 
So my testing may be limited to MacOS X and Windows 2000 & XP for now.
 This project alone should raise the priority to get Java on FreeBSD
up to date.  I guess the main problem is they need to get the pthreads
library overhauled to better handle Java and Mono threading.

I will browse JIRA and claim an issue once I have a moment after hours.

Thanks Alex!  And contact me in case I lose track of this project.  I
may need a reminder.

Brennan Stehling

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