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From "Tencé, Vincent" <>
Subject RE: [asn.1] sitedocs update for 0.3 dev cycle - new refactoring p age is up
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 13:55:10 GMT
> When you speak of factoring behaviorial differences into 
> specialized subclasses, do you mean factoring the factoring 
> behaviorial differences of the *general* encoders, e.g. BER, CER, DER?

I was talking about the tuples subclass hierarchy presented on the 
refactoring page on the web site.
> I also am in agreement that the Tuple code should be 
> replaced.  It makes way too many objects and iirc uses a 
> production rule style for decoding, which can be pretty slow. 
>  The tack that I've taken, and am working on in the ASN1 
> branch, is to compile the ASN1 module into specialized 
> encoders/decoders that are specific to that ASN1 module.  
> There could be a version for BER, DER, etc.  The speed 
> increase of this is pretty good, my simple SPNEGO BER example 
> takes an order magnitude less time than what Snacc4J does.

That's excellent!

> I'd welcome any help that is offered but, it seems like 
> you're having a fun time exploring your ideas.  

I wasn't aware you were working on asn1 too. I wanted to give Alex some
feedback and shake some ideas, not work on this on my own.
Is your work related to the refactoring Alex posted on the web site? I must
confess I'm a bit lost right now.


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