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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: Re: [asn1] Stateful Decoder question.
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 04:49:45 GMT
Hi. Long time no see!  I'm so busy these days because I have to hand
over my works to my co-workers.


> > It does seem confusing at first, I guess, but I kinda like it.  It's a
> > simple way of communicating to the caller that something has happened
> > and it needs to do something.  Another way to do it would be to have the
> > caller and the callee share a queue and when the callee needs to send a
> > message to the caller it enqueues it.  Then, the caller can either
> I would really like to see what Trustin and Berin think about this as well or if
> they have other approaches they can recommend.

Callback approach is good.  I used it in MINA, too.  But I specified
callback as a parameter.  I think callback should not change once set
to avoid confusion.  MINA codecs also passes ProtocolSession as a
parameter to interact with session handlers.  But this approach
doesn't fit to pure codec APIs.  So I implemented wrapper for ASN1
codec-stateful package.  Users can control both the state of codec and
session in MINA codec.  Current minimal stateful-codec API is fine and
users would be able to implement additional methods such as
'setCurrentSocket()' and control it later if they don't use MINA or
SedaNG in particular.


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