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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Setting up IDEA with Maven
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 17:51:36 GMT
Brennan Stehling wrote:

>>:( too bad - you might want to get off windows hehe.
>I have an iBook G3, but it is just painfully slow for Java
>development.  It is over 3 years old and is 500Mhz with a 66mhz bus. 
>Good for email and web, but not Java development.
>I will just save up for a spanking new iBook G4 or Powerbook.  My PC
>is a P4, and I just keep my PC up to speed for gaming.  I installed a
>Firewire PCI card this weekend so I can now sink all future expenses
>into external components which will work seamlessly with my future Mac
>replacement.  For now I can at least test Apache DS on Windows, Mac
>and FreeBSD.
>Besides, if I stopped using Windows I would not have a viable virus
>hosting environment at my disposal.  That Ad Push Technology (APT) is
>just cutting edge.  Microsoft is really ahead of the game with virus
>hosting. (sic)
Funny they're attacking OS for not having SSO and better security.  I 
gotta get me a mac too.  I just keep on saying that. 



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