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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: [asn.1] sitedocs update for 0.3 dev cycle - new refactoring page is up
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2005 20:46:44 GMT
Any ideas on this?

-- Vincent

Vincent Tence wrote:
> I need your lights guys here. I'm not finding anywhere in the asn1 
> module tests a dependency on snac4j. Could somebody point me to the 
> rebel test cases?
> Thanks,
> - Vincent
> Vincent Tence wrote:
>> Sounds a sensible approach. I'm on it.
>> - Vincent
>> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>>> Also on a separate note.  Perhaps I've done the wrong thing here in
>>>>> trying to get others interested in asn1 by refactoring it.  A 
>>>>> massive restructuring may not have been the best route to go.  
>>>>> Perhaps we can see if you can first massage out the Snacc4J deps 
>>>>> instead.  I'm realizing my approach to cross reactivity might have 
>>>>> been flawed  :( .
>>>> You're doing good here, no worry. There's been a lot of work put 
>>>> into the
>>>> asn1 suproject obviously and you're right it's pretty hard to just 
>>>> jump in and understand everything straight. Focusing on the snacc 
>>>> dependency is a
>>>> good idea. Do you have more details on this?
>>> Well yeah I had an crazy (overdone) solution outlined in the JIRA on 
>>> this:
>>> Half the stuff I said is a crock of %2&^@%#(s^@F#.  Perhaps I was out
>>> of my mind.    However I've changed my mind on the approach and think 
>>> the best way to
>>> do it is to just  embed the bytes into the testcase in a byte array 
>>> for the PDU.
>>> You can use the LDAP common library to generate the PDU by setting the
>>> provider to use the Snacc4J  and dump the result to a file.  Then use 
>>> the
>>> contents of the file to build the byte[].  Basically instead of all 
>>> this XML and
>>> base64 stuff just put the bytes into a testcase constant and the 
>>> Req/Resp
>>> object used for the comparison is also a testcase constant.
>>> Then you can decode the byte[] with our asn1 lib and compare with this
>>> object.  Conversely you can encode with our lib and compare with the 
>>> byte[].
>>> It does stink that you have to write a little program for generating 
>>> the PDU
>>> and generate one for each test case in the libraries tests.
>>> Does this help? Thanks,
>>> Alex

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