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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: what can I do?
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 06:18:43 GMT
Brennan Stehling wrote:
> I hope we can put some things together.  I do not really do a lot of
> PHP development, but some PHP applications are so popular that it is
> worth the effort to unify their user management with Apache DS.  I
> have been running POP3, Jabber, phpBB and other types of community
> software and each has it's own user repository.

I agree.  Easy-to-use LDAP+Kerberos should allow a broader community for 
interchangeable webapps and services that can be assembled into virtual 
community sites.

> Once some issues start filling into JIRA I will do what I can to work on them.

Issues that have arisen on the mailing list have so far come from 
developers launching into using ApacheDS in existing products.  The 
protocol work I'm doing, since it uses the front- and back-ends has 
picked out a couple bugs but most of the ones on this mailing list have 
come from guys like Mark Swanson who are experimenting with this in 
their products (

Something to consider is launching into your own integration effort, 
which may not require any coding, just configuration.  For example, 
Postfix has great LDAP support and is reasonably easy to configure.  At 
Apache, we've got Tomcat and James.  In the broader Java world, Jive 
Messenger (Jabber server) comes to mind.  In addition to bug reports and 
fixes, we could also use HOWTO's to get people started and expand the 
user base.


> On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 21:30:34 -0500, Enrique Rodriguez
> <> wrote:
>>Brennan Stehling wrote:
>>>I am very much interested in integrating a DS backend to several other
>>>open source projects like message board, blog, jabber and other
>>>community type sites which need to manage a directory of users.
>>Awesome, Brennan.  This is what got me involved in this project, the
>>desire to integrate community site components.  I came at it from the
>>Kerberos angle only because Alex was already well along with LDAP.

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