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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [survey] Exiting the Incubator
Date Sat, 15 Jan 2005 12:50:46 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> The Directory project is a pretty large undertaking.  There's just a lot 
> of technology to be groked.  We've done well and have a functioning 
> server amongst other things.  We have spent about 15 months in the 
> incubator.  This may shock a few people but again its a massive 
> undertaking building naming and a directory server.  I think we've got 
> the critical mass now in terms of community which will soon after a 
> release grow even larger.  The code is healthy and free of IP issues as 
> well as any potential TM infringments.  The state of this project IMHO 
> is, [ready to exit].
> Informally I'd like to get a feel for those who think we're getting 
> close to that time. If we decide now it will probably take us a little 
> while to start putting the house in order to request graduation.  Also 
> there are a few things that our PPMC must do.  I think this process 
> could take sometime: perhaps 3-4 weeks.
> Here's my little survey:
> Question #1:
> What is your opinion with regard to an incubator exit?
> [ ] stay incubating indefinately
> [ ] I don't care
> [ ] let's wait at least _____ months before considering an exit
> [X] the time is about right. Let's start getting ready to exit since the 
> process will take time
> [ ] this project should have exited the incubator a long time ago
> Question #2:
> If you selected the 3rd answer "... Let's start getting ready to exit 
> ..." are you willing to lend a hand to help make this happen:
> [X] yeah I can help out
> [ ] no can't help
> Cheers,
> Alex

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