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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [server] ok got a great name recommendation
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 20:21:50 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:

> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I was talking to Hani who does the Bile Blogg over here:
> I really don't like that guy.  He has such a potty mouth, and he only
> revels in his self proclaimed "everyone else is a loser and I am the
> greatest" attitude.

Its mostly a joke though.  There's no reason to ge offended.  He does 
this to his friends most of the time.  Some people though are really 
targeted but he picks on those he likes the most.  He's not serious 
about his comments.  It's like reading the comics.  I do however 
understand how someone can be easily insulted.  You are entitled to your 
opinion.  And I will not mention it again.

However while on the topic :) I think its hillarious.  I can't wait 
until he rips into the Directory project.

>> He's been looking at the server and the site with all the name 
>> changes.  He made some good points about how confusing it was to use 
>> 'server' for the name and folder of the old Eve project.  So he made 
>> a recommendation which was kind of catchy.  I thought I'd run it by 
>> you guys to see if its worth changing, yes, yet again.
>> He suggested ApacheDS.
>> Basically this would be the name used for links, the email prefix and 
>> perhaps the project folder in subversion.  It will not be the package 
>> name which would still be o.a.ldap.server.
>> Like it? Hate it? It might be better to ApacheDS rather than ADS or 
>> Server which confuses people.  Plus you want to keep it short.  The 
>> horizontal navbar needs a short name.
> I like ApacheDS.  It works.  I don't like ADS--its too close to Active
> Directory Server and Attention Deficite Disorder.
Cool that's ~4-5 people that like it so I'll switch over for the last 
time.  I hope :).

> P.S. Just a personal side note--If you took out all the profanity and
> obscene comments from any Bile Blog entry you might only get one or
> two sentences of meaningful commentary.  Yech.

That's exactly why I read it; for the creative profanity that is.  It's 
how I expand my English vocabulary to include such colorful words like 
turdburglar and poogem :-).  He just cracks me up to the point where my 
wife comes upstairs to my office and asks if I'm ok.  I would probably 
be sneared at by my wife if she knew about the filth that moved me to 
the point of breaking ribs. 


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