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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [naming][sitedocs] wondering why the horizontal nav at top for naming has gifs in it now
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 07:52:33 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:

> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Phil Steitz wrote:
>>> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>>> Phil,
>>>> Are those new gifs that now appear in the horizontal navbar in the 
>>>> upper right hand side of the site due to the relative links you 
>>>> applied to the naming navigation.xml?
>>>> Alex
>>> I think mean absolute links.  Must be something in the 
>>> style being applied that puts little arrows in for "external" links.
>>> You can see these on the left nav as well to things like the wiki 
>>> and svn.
>> Right I see now.  Does this mean we have to do this for all sites for 
>> consistancy?
> It doesn't bother me personally, but I am not the one to ask about UI 
> stuff ;-).  It would probably be good for the other subproject sites 
> as well, assuming they are going to ever want to generate standalone 
> docs. I am also OK fixing naming in the release build and leaving the 
> public site with relative links if others dont like the difference and 
> dont want to change the other navs. Its just easier to maintain if 
> they are the same (the release and public site naming navs, I mean).
Yep I see - its just a PITA massaging all navigations :(.  I was hoping 
you could revert without a loss of any kind but it does not sound like it. 

I'll change all subprojects to fall in line with naming.  However that 
external link icon is annoying me - it breaks up the navbar up top 
making it look cluttered.  Which it kind of is already with the number 
of projects up there.  I'd like to use the absolute links as you say but 
find a way to get rid of that icon.  Anyone know how we can do that?  Is 
that cool? Is it worth bothering?


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