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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Are you still looking for help on ADS (formerly EVE)
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 00:10:42 GMT
jimmy wrote:

>	We talked a few months ago about you possibly needing some help on ADS.
>Maybe in the area of replication,triggers, or maybe stored procedures. I
Excellent you're just in time ;).  Replication as you know is a top 
priority for us.  For the time being rather than focus on LDUP 
replication based on LCUP in these new RFCs here:

We can just simply piggy back on JMS and until LCUP can be implemented 
later on.  LCUP is nice because it allows replication between two 
servers from different vendors.  I'm thinking we do master slave 
replication since its easiest too.  We can just embed ActiveMQ into the 
server and when it's the master the ActiveMQ server can be turned on.  
When it is a slave it can just talk to a MQ server with MQ server 
machinery kept dormant.  Does this sound like a plan?

>have a couple of things to finish up this week but it looks like I'll
>have some free time soon. 

>	So, if you still need some help just let me know and we can get a
>dialog going.
Oh yeah - we always need help :D.


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