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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [site] building and deploying (part I)
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 19:00:11 GMT

Before I start rearranging the docs to fall inline with our central 
vision as described here:

I thought it might be best if we cleaned up some of our process for 
building and deploying the site.  We're probably going to be iterating 
through these steps pretty frequently as changes to the site are made to 
release and to graduate the incubator. 

First off we decided to do away with checking in built sitedocs into 
CVS.  Instead we decided to use a staging area where all of us can 
deploy the docs.  Once we like what we see we can kick off rsynch to 
deploy the staging area sitedocs to the proper place.  Today this is 

I started using a group readable and writable directory within my own 
home directory.  I asked infra peeps if this was cool and they're on 
board with recoving from the staging areas as opposed to CVS if 
something goes wrong.  This btw is the main reason for having generated 
sitedocs checked into CVS.  Note CVS is crawling now with all the empty 
directories in there from moves and renames.  You can get to this region 
and browse it off my main page here:

if you forget a link to this is available on my main page here:

How to build sitedocs? 

 o Build in the usual way 'maven clean multiproject' or 'maven clean 
site' if you do not have a project with subprojects. 

How do I deploy the sitedocs?

 o Regardless of the presence of subprojects u can usually run 
'site:deploy' to move everything into place within the right folder 
under the staging area for directory.  I have already massaged the POMs 
of all projects to deploy the sitedocs to the right place.  If you're 
ssh settings and keys are all setup then everything should be smooth.  
In case you don't have that configured here's what my 
file in my home directory looks like to enable uploads of the sitedocks:

# Put your username here

# User must specify:

# Repository to deploy snapshots

As you can see you need to generate a ssh key (either RSA or DSA). 

Everything works fine for me using this setup and the site:deploy goal 
after checking in commit #124735.

-o - Things to come in part II .... -o-

 o how to kick off rsync for deploying staging area

BTW looking for someone interested in writing CGI so we can put a button 
on resources page to kick off rsync on the staging area.  Anyone 
interested in helping out?


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