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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: ADS vs Directory vs Server :)
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 05:57:39 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

>Quoting Alex Karasulu <>:
>>+ Email Subject Prefix: [server]
>>+ Apache Directory Server SVN Folder: server
>>+ JIRA Subproject: DIRSERVER
>>- Package Name: org.apache.ldap.server
>>Executable jar with bundled deps: dir-server-${version}.jar
>The only reason I was confused about package was that I thought the server did
>more than just ldap. 
Yeah that's true but the code that is not LDAP specific is not in the 
heart of the server and kept in separate packages/subprojects.  These 
non-LDAP addons are more like 'components' that snaps in like the 
Kerberos 'component' for example.

>Anyway, this is all good - go for it.
Coolio I'll start soon after some sleep ... :)

Thanks for the recommendations they did help.


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