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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [naming][all] tomcat bug fixes, commons-logging dependency
Date Sat, 01 Jan 2005 21:16:46 GMT
Reviewing the tomcat change logs, I noticed a few bug fixes / 
enhancements I had missed and which should be applied to [naming]. 
These changes will be necessary if tomcat is going to become a [naming] 
user. I think we should hold off on the release until these changes are 
applied.  Apologies for having missed some important changes.

One set of changes are to eliminate System.out's and to log exceptions 
in NamingContext and some other classes in core.  The tomcat changes 
introduce a commons-logging dependency in core.  I am personally +1 for 
including these changes and adding the c-l dependency (which will be 
inherited by all other [naming] components from core); but before doing 
so, I want to make sure others are OK with it.

Assuming we follow Noel's suggesting and integrate [naming] into the 
directory server, this has implications on other parts of the Directory 
code base.  I notice that eve/trunk/core/project.xml already references 
c-l, so this is probably not an issue, but I wanted to check to make 
sure we are all OK with it.


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