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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: What can I do?
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2005 16:30:23 GMT
Hi Brennan,

> I would like to help with this project.  I am a Java and .NET
> developer with a lot of web experience.

That's great!

> I also know Perl and I have maintained FreeBSD servers for years.  I
> have a Windows 2000 and MacOS X computer at home as well so I can do
> testing on several platforms.

Testing on all these platforms is something that we would like to do.  Perhaps you could for
now look into using the server, evaluating it on these platforms.  If you can give us feedback
and bug reports that would be excellent.  Do you have any experience with LDAP/Kerberos/DNS/DHCP?

> I would hope that this project would be compatible with a Java 1.3.1
> environment.

Sorry no.  It's not very feasible to write a stateful protocol server without the non-blocking
IO constructs (Selectors) in NIO.  Really without JDK 1.4 this project would not exit.  Furthermore
I'm sure 1.3 will quickly approach EOL.   Regardless getting the server to run on 1.3 VMs
would require a massive overhaul and the introduction of native libraries to take advantage
of OS specific non-blocking system calls like select().  So as you can see upgrading is sounding
much better already :).

> I am very much interested in integrating a DS backend to several other
> open source projects like message board, blog, jabber and other
> community type sites which need to manage a directory of users.

As you begin to integrate the server into these projects you will begin to understand the
internals somemore.  Also take a look at the JIRA and see if there are any areas that interest
you.  Perhaps as an exercise you might want to give a bug or two a shot.  We're all here to
assist you or answer your questions in case you need a hand.


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