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From Brett Porter <>
Subject re: [OT] PRC was: [ApacheDS] The server has been released!
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 03:27:42 GMT
Quoting "Noel J. Bergman" <>:

> Get into the habit of running such things by the PRC (

I'm happy to discuss this on a more appropriate list, but I've been wondering to
what extent their role was. I've heard that they should be involved whenever:
- we are being offered free kit such as licenses to commercial products
- making a press release

But hadn't really thought about release announcements. A few questions:
- to what extent should they be involved in this, or rather what types of
announcements would go past there? 
- what is their role? should they do the announcement release or just ok it?
- how does this relate to something like

I realise its a newish thing, but I'm interested to know.

> What is the purpose for this PR announce?  To attract users, developers, ...
> ?

Back on topic, I'd imagine its a bit of both. As Alex has explained previously,
typically your early-adopting users are good candidates for developers because
if they stick around they are usually keen to get pretty involved.

It's why I'm here WRT naming, after all :)


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