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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [site] building and deploying (part I)
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 22:58:15 GMT
Quoting Alex Karasulu <>:

> Funny I asked a similar question myself so we don't have to keep this in 
> my home directory.  It can bet to be a pita figuring out within whose 
> home dir the site staging area is kept.  Noel recommended I use my home 
> directory for now until this place is determined.  I'd love to set this 
> up from day 1 if I don't have to move things around.

I don't think its a big deal to move around, but worth getting the ball rolling.
I'd also like to ask about the mail archives stored in there, so I'll contact
infra@ after I've had a chance to look around at the exact situation. 

> >> # Put your username here
> >> maven.username=akarasulu
> >>
> >
> Yeah this was old stuff I still have hanging around.  Should i just blow 
> it away?

Nope - for now, you need it for site. 

> Excellent suggestions Brett.  If this publish feature was there today 
> I'd be using it.  What's the effort involved in knocking this stuff 
> out?  Meaning this is not possible within the near future but something 
> that we can use down the road right?

I can knock this out in an hour using the existing site plugin. It should be
ready tomorrow.

Incidentally, I've released a beta of the SCM plugin that supports subversion,
so if you want to use that to create releases, feel free. 

The release functionality is still fairly primitive, but it saves a bit of work
(and helps make sure you don't miss a step :) Basically it updates the versions
in project.xml/changes.xml, commits them, tags the tree in the first step, and
the second step does a clean checkout and run a goal to create the release

release announcement of SCM plugin:

example use of scm:prepare-release/perform-release:
(I'm presently working on more general documentation for this too)


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