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From Brett Porter <>
Subject ADS vs Directory vs Server :)
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 22:33:25 GMT

Thought I'd chime in with my opinion here. This is really just my opinion, so
feel free to just say no :)

I'll reference the specific examples from the last POM, but in summary:
- I suggest just using "directory" where appropriate
- if already following directory, use /directory/server/ instead of

I understand the pain this is: Maven suffers from this more now that it is both
a project (with subprojects) and something itself.

> -    <package>org.apache.eve</package>
> +    <package>org.apache.ldap.server</package>

why not just since the other packages are not including
.directory? Or if they are, o.a.d.server?

> -    <url></url>
> +    <url></url>

I think when following /directory/, /server/ is better than ads.

> -   
> <issueTrackingUrl></issueTrackingUrl>
> +   
> <issueTrackingUrl></issueTrackingUrl>

This was a bit premature? Can these actually be changed?

If so, I'd simply go for DIRECTORY.


again, in SVN I'd go for directory/server

> +      The Apache Directory Server (ADS) is an embeddable LDAPv3 directory 

I really don't like that three-letter-acronym :)

> +        <name>Apache Directory Developement - use [dirserv] prefix</name>

[server] ?


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