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From Robert M.Zigweid <>
Subject Re: [naming] svn keyword expansion
Date Sat, 25 Dec 2004 11:25:52 GMT

On Dec 24, 2004, at 6:08 PM, Phil Steitz wrote:

> Thanks! See interspersed.
> Robert M.Zigweid wrote:
>> Firstly, on recent versions of SVN, Rev is a legitimate alias of 
>> LastChangedRevision (or similar), as is Revision.
> That's what the docs say, but $Revision$ is not being expanded.  When 
> I do "svn propget svn:keywords" on individual source files, I get just 
> "Rev" as the response. I get an empty response for directories or 
> non-java files.  Could be someone executed the propset below with just 
> "Rev" included?
Quite possibly.  I've never tried putting more than one form of the 
keyword in ;)

>> Secondly, it won't matter if the keyword is attached to directories.
>> Thirdly, you don't want it to just apply to .java files anyway, 
>> usually, though that technique would work for just hitting those 
>> files.
> I agree, but those are the only files in [naming] that include the 
> keywords that need to be expanded.
I disagree, the maven xdoc xml's should have them in comments too I 
think, as well as any static html or text files.   This is just my 
opinion of course.  I tend to paint most all of my text-based files 
with it.

> Thanks for the info.
Glad to help.  I'm sure I'll become more annoying soon ;) *grin*

> Phil


Robert M. Zigweid                 

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