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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [naming] release bundle
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2004 02:41:52 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Thanks for the work on this. A couple of minor comments:
> - is /source or /binaries really the right top level directory? I would 
> have thought incubator-directory-naming-0.8 and 
> incubator-directory-naming-0.8-src was more standard?

Yep.  Good catch. Thanks.

> - is there a need for individual md5s in the binary dist?

I was planning to push the individual md5's with the jar artifacts to 
java-repository. I was planning to sign and hash the whole thing as well 
(or let Alex or someone else do it if we are releasing a bundle).
Of course, you will tell me that maven can do this all magically.  In 
any case, I agree that there is no point in including them in the dist.

> - not sure if the versions belong on the individual component 
> directories in the source - they might be better the same as in source 
> control?

Another good catch. Yes these should be changed.

> I assume this was handrolled? Any thoughts on what is needed to be able 
> to automate it?

How could you ever tell? he he Yes, a messy bash script that starts with 
maven multiproject:site just to get the docs correctly generated, then 
does dist on each of the subprojects and collects the whole mess up and 
does some filtering. My bash is much better than my jellyscript, but I 
would love to be able to do this neatly from maven.  What we could 
*really* use is
"maven multiproject:dist"
Unfortunately that does not seem to exist ;-)

Thanks for the feedback and any other ideas that you have on how to 
improve the setup. Feel free to hack the project artifacts in any way 
that makes progress.  I can adjust my scripts -- or happily toss it out 
-- accordingly.


> Cheers,
> Brett
> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> I have put a candidate release bundle up at
>> Assuming others are OK with the contents, I will tag, branch and roll 
>> a final like this.
>> As discussed, there is just one source and binary dist.  The binary 
>> dist includes all of the jar artifacts and full api docs together. All 
>> of the required notices are in the archives as well as the jars 
>> (thanks, Alex!).
>> I am OK releasing this separately or as part of a bundle.
>> Feedback -- especially bugs, problems, absurdities -- most welcome.
>> Phil

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