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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [naming] Site update
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 23:21:31 GMT
Hi Phil,

Anything other than images and css?

The only option at the moment is to override xdoc:copy-resources 

The images could be trimmed. Unfortunately, they contain a bunch of 
stuff that is unused, or for the classic skin, and images for other 
plugins which you may use later. They should obviously be separated.

Certainly something we'll want to address in the future.


Phil Steitz wrote:

> I just updated the [naming] site, adding api docs for the subprojects. 
> I had to manually remove a fair amount of maven-generated cruft in the 
> subproject directories -- things like the /images subdirectory -- so 
> for now at least updates of /www need to be handled with care.  Does 
> anyone know how to stop maven multiproject:site from generating all of 
> the extra files?  I turned as many options off as I could find, but 
> still get the (unlinked, unused) files pushed into /target/docs.
> Phil

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