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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [naming] Site update
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 22:18:20 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Anything other than images and css?

css seems to be required -- i.e., if I remove the replicated /style 
subdirectories, the site does not work; but /images is not needed. I am 
also getting /xref and /xref-test, but it now occurs to me that these 
are coming from the (inherited) project-reports still turned on, despite 
turning off the multiproject project reports.  I will get rid of the 
reports and see if these go away.  That will leave only the /images, 
which is not really a big deal to whack before updating cvs.


> The only option at the moment is to override xdoc:copy-resources 
> (

> The images could be trimmed. Unfortunately, they contain a bunch of 
> stuff that is unused, or for the classic skin, and images for other 
> plugins which you may use later. They should obviously be separated.
> Certainly something we'll want to address in the future.
> HTH,
> Brett
> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> I just updated the [naming] site, adding api docs for the subprojects. 
>> I had to manually remove a fair amount of maven-generated cruft in the 
>> subproject directories -- things like the /images subdirectory -- so 
>> for now at least updates of /www need to be handled with care.  Does 
>> anyone know how to stop maven multiproject:site from generating all of 
>> the extra files?  I turned as many options off as I could find, but 
>> still get the (unlinked, unused) files pushed into /target/docs.
>> Phil

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