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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [mina] Complete JavaDoc is ready.
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 15:56:53 GMT
Michal Slocinski wrote:

>On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 18:39:09 +0900, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
>>>It would be nice to have VM transport organized in standard-MINA way,
>>>currently I'm thinking about a proxy that would be able to forward
>>>request to network services behind it and one of them could be located
>>>on same machine and even running in same VM. Services could be
>>>different ones, but could be also same service which is distributed
>>>for scalability reasons, proxy would be able to distribute requests
>>>basing on current load of all known redundant services behind it and
>>>even discover some new services which appeared during it's running.
>>>I think it would make sens, but I don't have also clear vision which
>>>way would be the best to implement such communication :-)
>>I implemented it as you requested.  HDYT? :)
>great :-) It looks quite good to me, it would be perfect if
>VmPipeAcceptor and VmPipeConnector both implemented common interfaces
>(Acceptor and Connector respectively). As far as I can see at the
>moment, the main problem to do this is that you want to avoid need of
>decoding/encoding messages in intra-VM communication as it can be
>extremely expensive in this scenario by putting intra-VM communication
>on higher than IO level.
Very observant.  I think we had this same conversation with Trustin.  We 
need to keep more of these conversations on list. Or if we do have them 
not do it on IM but on IRC and post the summaries to this list.  We 
could get more people involved with the thought process and contributing 
(ideas as well as code) to the effort.

>I cannot propose any solution at this moment because I'm still not
>enough familiar with MINA, probbably deeper changes in the core would
>be needed to solve that or maybe it is not so hard as I think right
>now :-) I need to have clear understanding how MINA works, maybe I'll
>be able to propose something.
Michal you might want to play with MINA and some simple UNIX legacy 
protocols.  Trustin already did reverse, netcat and echo but I think 
there is the simple time stuff like daytime and then just systat etc.  
We can add this to the MINA examples.  It gives you experience with 
MINA.  Puts you in a possition to suggest improvements.  This way you 
also begin to contribute code which is always nice ;).  It's a great 
place to start I think and it can be fun. 

Here are a few services that might be of fun to do for you and others 

systat ->
daytime ->
time ->
qotd ->


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