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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Directory & gump
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 09:57:56 GMT

I've regenerated all of the descriptors with the latest gump plugin 
(which I'm going to release after a vote).

This will clean up the kerberos issues (hopefully), and just leaves some 
outstanding issues with ldap-clients.

The following are not currently in gump:

Should they be? I'd suggest anything going to be released should be.

To regenerate for all but seda:
maven gump:multiproject

For seda:
maven gump

Due to the relocation, you will then need to move the generated gump.xml 
to YOUR_GUMP_CVS_CHECKOUT/project/directory-*.xml, and commit.

This should be done whenever dependencies change. If you regenerate, it 
will always be the same if the data is the same, so won't be committed - 
so if in doubt, regenerate anyway :)


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