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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject failing testGetGeneralizedTime()
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:43:30 GMT
Alex et al,

Regarding the failing timezone test, the draft reference at:


"The "Z" form of <g-time-zone> SHOULD be used in preference to 

but in org.apache.eve.jndi.ibs.OperationalAttributeService you are using 
<g-differential> 5 times with no explicit Z TimeZone to set the String 
time on modified attributes.

I propose:

1)  Move to "The "Z" form of <g-time-zone>" for this function, per the 

2)  Replace DateUtils with the following 3 lines of code, as a 
convenience method in the OperationalAttributeService, since that is the 
only place this is used (best I can tell, quick IDE reference check).

private String getGeneralizedTimeStamp()
   SimpleDateFormat date = new SimpleDateFormat( "yyyyMMddHHmmss'Z'" );
   date.setTimeZone( new SimpleTimeZone(0,"Z") );
   return date.format( new Date() );

... or is there a reason to use <g-differential> in that service?  Say 
the word and I'll commit this change.


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