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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject [trustin] 3 problems with SEDA
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 06:55:32 GMT
Hi, Trustin,

Can you take a look at the Kerberos-SEDA integration currently underway 
in SVN?  We're having a couple problems with SEDA and Kerberos so we 
were hoping you could take a look.  These problems all appear using the 
KerberosMain in the directory/kerberos/trunk/main module.

1)  TCP is currently disabled in KerberosMain, to isolate the fact that 
UDP requests don't seem to make it through SEDA to the snickers decoder. 
  The Kerberos/Eve server just sits there during client requests.

2)  With TCP enabled, TCP requests are making it through to the snickers 
decoder, but with the 4-byte integer TCP length prepended.  Alex and I 
don't believe this should be there.  The 4 bytes appear to be causing 
exceptions in Snickers, since, of course, this isn't a valid TLV.

3)  Changes to the kdc.default.port don't appear to have any effect. 
Admittedly, this may be something in our config code but if you could 
check SEDA that would be cool.  We are toggling between ports 88 and 
1088 and Kerberos appears to only be listening on 88.

Directions for building the runnable jar for Kerberos/Eve:

$ svn up
$ cd directory/kerberos/trunk/main
$ maven javaapp
$ java -jar target/kerberos-0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar

Alex and I were testing with the gnome-kerberos client, using the 
directions at:

Attempting authentication with principal akarasulu@EXAMPLE.COM (pass: 
maxwell) will do nothing (currently UDP-only).  The KDC just sits there.



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