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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [mina] ProtocolHandler interface
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 16:04:41 GMT
The only way you are going to know if this is right yourself is to do 
the integration of LDAP and Kerberos yourself.  Start with LDAP since 
its protocol provider is mature.  Do it in a private Eve branch if you like.

Personally I'd love new nework layer implementors do this as an 
exercise.  The exercise will let you see the use cases central to these 
servers.  It will spare us lots of emails trying to convince each other 
of the right thing to do when by doing the exercise you simply see what 
needs to be done.


Trustin Lee wrote:

>I admit I am very accustomed with Netty-like session handler
>interface, but the entry users like Alex and other persons would not
>feel so familiar with it:
>So I want to know what all of you guys are thinking about this
>ProtocolHandler interface, and to improve its usability.
>If most of protocols are OK with simple request-response-close
>connection model, it would be also possible to provide two difference
>interfaces, ProtocolHandler (simple one) and AdvancedProtocolHandler
>which extends ProtocolHandler and provides full event handler methods
>like the current revision of ProtocolHandler.
>If is absolutely OK if you can suggest me totally different and better
>interface of course.

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