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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Q: LookupFilter doesn't receive useful info
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 06:36:34 GMT
Mark Swanson wrote:

>On December 13, 2004 5:20 pm, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>I don't know if you are overriding the original filter service.  What
>I do not believe I am. The original filter interceptor is created and added 
>like always. I simply added the calls:
>1. addLookupFilter()
>2. addSearchResultFilter()
Ok good just saw some of what was probably the code above creating the 
interceptor etcetera.

>>I recommend we take baby steps and make sure things work for the trivial
>>use cases you have.  Once this 0.8.0 release is out I can help devise a
>>general view/filtering mechanism in 0.9 where we can avoid stepping on
>>our own toes.  Does this sound reasonable?
>All I want to do is this:
>modify an incoming request:
>1. dn: ou=mozilla,ou=contacts,uid=6760,dc=home2,dc=mark
>2. query: '(blah=a b)'
>so it looks like this:
>1. ou=super,ou=contacts,uid=6760,dc=home2,dc=mark
>2. '(cn=a b)'
>Then, do the reverse on the output (if anything).
Ok cool but this is a hack at the moment due to the state of Eve and the 
fact that you cannot add interceptors without changing the code.  Let's 
see if we can do better than this.  Let's summarize what you need and 
devise a generalized solution for views.  Then we can have people here 
work on it with you.  Otherwise you're going to have to fork or keep 
patching over and over again.  I think this will be too much of a PITA :).

The sooner we finish this release the sooner we can start on the 0.9 
series. If you continue to test the server as well as you already have 
and if we can squeese out more bugs we'll be much better off when 0.8 
comes out.  You have been a great help in weeding out several problems 
in the server.


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