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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Q: LookupFilter doesn't receive useful info
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 20:35:02 GMT
Mark Swanson wrote:

>1. I notice that not matter what the baseDN I connect with the 
>LookupFilter.filter() Name is always empty. Why is that?
I do not know what the context of LookupFilter.filter() is.  Can't parse 
the question.

>2. Why do the LookupFilter.filter() Attributes not reflect the lookup?
Again don't have enough context info.

>ldapsearch -p 10389 -h lin -x -D "uid=admin,ou=system" -b 
>"ou=super,ou=contacts,uid=6760,dc=home2,dc=mark" -v -w secret "cn=a b"
This ...

"cn=a b"

is not a valid search filter.  I think you're looking for something like 
this '(cn=a b)'. Oh and just as separate advice try to avoid " and use a 
' to quote if you do not need substitution.

>I would expect the dn and/or the attributes to contain "ou=super" but neither 
>do. In fact, the search request "cn=a b" isn't even available. This means I'm 
>unable to filter based on a single thing the user used as a query/lookup 
Sorry Mark but I'm having a lot of trouble understanding you.  I think 
you're presuming I have more context in me head than I do.  Can you try 
again presuming I know nothing.


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