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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [release] How are we all progressing
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:20:52 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:

> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I think it would be nice if we can coordinate a release of most 
>> projects together this first time.  We really don't have to.  I just 
>> wanted to get a sense from everyone on where they are for trying to 
>> release on the week of the 27th right before new years.  I have eve, 
>> ldap, seda, and snickers almost ready to release at any point with 
>> minor details that are still lingering out there.
>> I can even release before then.  So gimme some feedback on naming, 
>> and janus.  I think we can prepare by requesting permission to 
>> release from the Incubator PMC.
> I would like to get a [naming] release out as well.  The core existing 
> code is certainly stable and well-tested from use in tomcat. To get a 
> 0.8-ish release out, I think we need to do the following:
I actually thought you'd want to get a 1.0 out there. Looked to me like 
naming was pretty much mature.  There's no API changes that are going to 
happen because it's basically JNDI so its was ok IMHO to get a 1.0 out 
there.   However I know very little about the state of naming so its 
just stuff I'm pulling out of my arse at the moment (just a sense).

> 1) Settle the jar division issue. Probably end up with 3 or more jars. 
> This is not a huge issue, but we need to get it right so users have 
> good flexibility and both building and integrating are easy. I will 
> keep pestering Hen until he figures it out ;-)
> 2) Improve the web site and docs -- need better explanation of how the 
> whole setup works.  Not a huge effort.  I should be able to get this 
> done in the next couple of weeks.
> 3) Improve package and source javadocs.  Lots of time could be spent 
> here; but I can combine this with 2) and get us into decent shape in a 
> couple of weeks.
> 4) Clean up the tests and increase coverage to the point where we have 
> at least some coverage of all key classes / functions.  This is where 
> I may not be able to get it all done in time for a 2004 release; but I 
> will do my best.  Once I improve the docs, others may be able to step 
> in and help here more.
Yeah this one is a do what you possibly can but I would not let it hold 
you back.  The more usage we get out of it the more natural coverage we 
get.  However I see test case coverage as critical mostly for being able 
to maintain agility while refactoring and making changes knowing you 
have not broken anything.  Unfortunately we have a serious lack of test 
cases in Eve but we're working on it.

> Its great to see products starting to come out here!
Yeah it feels good.  I think what feels even better is to see a solid 
community forming around the code. Really the genesis of a new project 
is very fullfiling.  Personally its most rewarding feeling I've ever had 
in any OS project.

> At some point, we should discuss release policies and processes. 

Oh yeah was talking to Noel about stuff like that yesterday and he had 
some neat ideas.  I'd like to explore them however I'm having trouble 
finding the time atm but perhaps for the next release we can really give 
it the time it deserves.

> From what I have observed, it can save time and wrangling over the 
> same old problems over and over again if we just decide to follow the 
> pattern of another apache project (e.g. Struts, Tomcat, HTTPd, James, 
> Jakarta Commons...pick your favorite).  I don't really have strong 
> opinions on this, other than to make sure that we adhere to 
> apache-level requirements. The J-C guidelines here
> and here
> are a good place to start; 
> but as I said, I am open to any reasonable approach.  In any case, its 
> probably a good idea to get this stuff ironed out while we are still 
> in the the 0.x stage.
I think our subversion repo will effect the way (positively) we decide 
to do releases because of the flexibility it affords us.  Perhaps it 
might be worth exploring all options and taking a hybrid.

Overall this is great.  BTW we're trying to shoot for like the week of 
the 27th to release so we can start a fresh new year :)!  Is that 
possible you think?


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