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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [eve] recent failures with search and add
Date Sun, 12 Dec 2004 04:56:32 GMT
Hello Mark,

This problem was due to the removal of constraint checks which were 
planed for the EveExceptionService that happens to be an Interceptor.  
Problem was I did not put this into the JIRA and lost track of it.  So 
unpredictable stuff like what you observed started to happen with most 
operations especially when combined after a failure resulted and was 
unannounced (reported as success). 

I have added the code to the exception interceptor and have also written 
a bunch of test cases to make sure operations succeed and fail when they 
should.  I hope this spares you somewhat.  I can't say I've caught all 
of the problems but I'll keep at it.  Now we know what was the issue though.

Give her a whirl doing the usual things...

- blow away ~/.maven/incubator-directory just to be on safe side
- svn up everything
- maven multiproject:install

Hopefully we've beaten this and thanks for persevering!


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