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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Serialization into LDAP
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 16:19:19 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:

>Maybe lucky I read the spec, since it 
>covers a bit more than the support class tries to deal with.
Of course we don't have all the support enabled like naming references 
just yet.  I just want to make sure we can store a serialized object at 
a minimum and that's all for now.

>So I need some clarifications;
>* Is JavaLdapSupport supposed to deal with the entire specification?
Eventually yes but for now just storing an object for now as a 
javaSerializedObject is good enough for most ctx.bind(Object obj) 
operations.  This is perhaps 80% of the usage out there.  The other 20% 
can be done as needed over time. 

>* Where is the line between the caller and the JavaLdapSupport, when it comes 
>to MarshalledObjects, incl any exported and non-exported Remote references?
Have'nt given MarshalledObjects any thought yet at all. 

>If Eve is supposed to work for any application that uses the InitialContext to 
>bind Java stuff to, then I think Eve needs to deal with quite a lot, and the 
>question would then be; What is the relevant call chain (Sequence) for 
>binding a Java object to the context??
Really its great that you're thinking about all this.  I wanted to limit 
the scope for your sake to just lookup(dn) and bind(obj) to store and 
reteive simple java objects that are serialized.  Although all the other 
stuff needs to be implemented at some point this is a good starting 
point that covers the majority of use cases.   It would be nice if 
people notice the need to fill it in and got involved.


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